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(Last Updated On: October 27, 2019)

Plastic products are made of plastic as the main raw material processing products of life, industry and other supplies collectively. Including plastic as raw materials for injection molding, blister and all the products of the process.

1.Tupperware (China) Co. , Ltd.

Tupperware, a global brand of household products, is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, USA.

More than 70 years old, more than 70 branches worldwide. In 15 countries set up production base, such as the United States, France, Australia, Korea, China and so on. Has launched more than 8000 kinds of products, best-selling more than 100 countries and regions.

Committed to the design of practical and aesthetic combination of high-quality products, to provide consumers with food preservation, preparation, cooking, storage, meals, cleaning and other series of products.

SCOPE: Plastic Film; Toys Manufacturing; Plastic Products Wholesale; domestic kitchen appliances manufacturing; cosmetics and hygiene products wholesale; cosmetics and hygiene products retail; Education Advisory Services; Toys Wholesale; toys retail; Retail trade of commodities (except commodities involving special administrative provisions on access to foreign capital and examination and approval of permits) ; wholesale trade of commodities (except commodities involving special administrative provisions on access to foreign capital and examination and approval of permits) ; Import and export of goods (except goods subject to special regulations on access to foreign capital and approval of permits) ; manufacture of Plastic Products For daily use; wholesale of dairy products; retail of edible oil; retail of dairy products; wholesale of Edible Oil; retail of prepackaged food; Dietary supplement retail (the specific business items shall be subject to the Food Business License) ; rice, flour and cooking oil wholesale; wholesale of Bulk Food; wholesale of pre-packaged food.

2.Shanghai Lock & Lock Trading Co. , Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1978, Lock & Lock Co. , Ltd. has grown into a global company whose products export-new concept and new concept of the four-sided interlocking system of Lock & Lock containers-for more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. The company will expand the number of export destinations from the current 111 to more than 130 by 2013, thereby ensuring that the industry leader in airtight containers, as well as the most valuable brands, and focus on good containment. Moreover, its goal is to become a global. As a full-fledged kitchenware manufacturer by 2020. To achieve its goal of becoming “the world’s number one in 2013” the company is exerting its utmost efforts to expand its products primarily using different raw materials, including glass, ceramics, stainless steel, and plastic enclosed containers to a full range of kitchenware. To become a global company that produces all kinds of functional kitchen appliances, clicker containers, using environmentally friendly materials, consider the health of customers and the environment to maintain their competitive edge in this area.

Sentence is too long, please supply a shorter sentence Import and export of the above commodities, and other related ancillary business; engaging in commercial activities by way of Franchising. (applications shall be made in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state for commodities not subject to state-owned trade administration but subject to quota and license administration.)

3.Chahua Modern Household Products Co. , Ltd.

Founded in 1997, Camellia Modern Housewares Co. , Ltd. specializes in the research, development, production and sales of modern housewares, and is a leading enterprise in the plastic housewares industry in China The company “Camellia” trademark in 2002 was named Fujian Province famous trademark, and in 2010 won well-known protection.

Over the years, the Camellia brand has been the same industry and the major terminal of the country’s consistent recognition of supermarkets, a good brand reputation and visibility. Camellia brand products consistent high-quality image has long been popular throughout the country by the majority of consumers favor. So far, the Camellia brand has become the industry recognized leading brand.

SCOPE OF BUSINESS: Plastic daily products, industrial plastic accessories, plastic mold, household goods, paper and plastic tableware, paper and plastic tableware production, processing, sales; production and sales of latex products, bamboo and wood tableware (excluding disposable tableware) ; To engage in the export of its own products and technologies; To engage in the import of raw and auxiliary materials, instruments, machinery, equipment, spare parts and technologies for the production of the enterprise (except for the commodities limited by the state for the operation of the company and prohibited by the State for Import and Export) ; Operating feed processing and “three to one fill” business.

4.Tuopu Daily Chemicals (China) Co. , Ltd.

Miaojie household products from Taiwan more than 50 years of history of the Tuopu Enterprise Group, in China has been deeply cultivated for 22 years. Miaojie in order to provide China’s modern family with a more healthy, convenient, easy life philosophy, and continue to launch the latest best products to meet consumers’higher life needs!

So far miaojie household products have plastic wrap, plastic bags, mop, gloves, dishcloth, cleaning cloth, Disposable, garbage bags, 9 categories of more than 200 kinds of household products.

SCOPE: production of cosmetics [ hair, skin care, skin cleaning category ] ; production of Plastic Film, paper products; Daily rubber products, daily Plastic Sundries, paper products, daily metal products, soap and synthetic detergent products, brush and cleaning tools, cotton and chemical fiber products semi-finished processing, production; Leasing of production equipment for cosmetics, plastic film and paper products (leasing business for 30 years).

5.Dalian Alice Household Products Co. , Ltd.

Iris Alice is a well-known international home furnishings brand owned by Iris Ohyama. The Iris Ohyama is an internationally renowned company which designs, manufactures and sells household products. It was founded in 1958 Based on the enterprise concept of “developing the market with life-oriented enterprises” and the goal of “providing the most suitable life-oriented solutions” , the company has rapidly entered the ordinary Japanese families The company has grown to become one of the world’s largest household goods manufacturers with annual sales of nearly 100 billion yen and over 11,000 varieties of products.

SCOPE OF BUSINESS: furniture, pet supplies, garden machinery equipment, office equipment, LED electrical products, masks, household appliances and other household goods processing, maintenance of mechanical and electrical products, commodity display, storage, the enterprise goods logistics, software Development.

6.Guangzhou Zhenxing Industrial Co. , Ltd.

Guangzhou Zhenxing Industrial Co. , Ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing, marketing as one of the group of professional plastic household products enterprises. At present, the company owns Guangzhou Nansha New Area Zhenxing Plastic Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou Zhenxing plastic hardware factory, Guangzhou Zhenzhi Trading Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou Panyu County Jihong Industrial Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou Xiangke Chemical Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou Zhenxing Department Store Gifts Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou Zhenying Plastic Co. , Ltd. , Qiaochun Villa Co. , Ltd. . Own 60,000 square meters of plant, 3000 square meters of office and covers an area of 15 acres of staff resort, nearly 2,000 employees.

SCOPE OF BUSINESS: Import and export of goods (except special controlled goods) ; import and Export of Technology; wholesale trade of goods (except licensed goods) ; retail trade of goods (except licensed goods).

7.Zhongshan Taili Housewares Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.

Founded in 1999, Taili group is one of the largest technology-based household goods manufacturers in China. It is a brand enterprise integrating product development, production, sales and service. The industry covers home, plastic, hardware, electronics, printing, leasing and trade. After 15 years of development, it has set up many R & D and production bases in Guangdong, Shanghai and Hubei Company to meet customer needs for the purpose of creating a better life for their own responsibility, committed to becoming a world-famous brand enterprises.

SCOPE OF BUSINESS: Production and sales of vacuum compression bags, insulation bags, food packaging bags, storage and finishing (bag) boxes, closets, shelves, clothes hangers, cleaning mop, vacuum cleaner, household electronic appliances; Sales of household department stores; Goods Import and Export, technology import and export (laws, administrative regulations restrictions of the project to obtain permission before operating) .

8.Guangdong Haixing Plastic Co. , Ltd.

The company was founded in 1989,20 years has been committed to plastic household products technology innovation research and development, product manufacturing and sales, is the domestic production of plastic packaging boxes and other series of household plastic products one of the leading enterprises. In August 2010, with the rapid development of the company, Guangdong Haixing Plastic Co. , Ltd. as the parent company, established Guangdong Haixing Holding Group, under the jurisdiction of Italy Astor Group Holdings (Hong Kong) Co. , Ltd. , Guangzhou hairen Trading Co. , Ltd. , Yiwu Haichang Plastic Products Co. , Ltd. , Panjin Haixing Seiko Technology Co. , Ltd. , Laurence International Group Co. , Ltd. .

SCOPE OF BUSINESS: daily plastic products, plastic shoes, plastic toys, hardware, stainless steel products processing, production; mold, household appliances, glass products, ceramic products sales; Industrial Investment and management; To engage in the export of its own products and the import of machinery, equipment, spare parts and raw and auxiliary materials required by the enterprise, except those commodities and technologies which are restricted or prohibited by the state.

9.Sichuan Hongchang Plastic Industry Co. , Ltd.

Sichuan Hongchang Plastic Industry Co. , Ltd. is a Taiwanese investment enterprise, founded in 1994, located in Chengdu Xindu industrial east area, covering an area of more than 40 acres, with more than 3000 employees. Our main household supplies and other cleaning supplies, unit volume reached more than three thousand. The company has a large number of domestic and foreign advanced machinery and equipment, access to a variety of domestic and foreign patents more than 260, its own brand “beauty Marya” in 2009 was awarded the “famous brand products in Sichuan Province” title, and in 2012 by the provincial economic committee as the economic “little giant” enterprises in Sichuan Province, the comprehensive economic indicators of products ranked first in the province.

SCOPE OF BUSINESS: R & D and production of metal molds, plastic molds, pressure molds, related hardware parts, disposable sanitary articles (paper drinking utensils) and all kinds of plastic products; sales of our products and other related plastic products and daily groceries; General freight.

10.Beijing Xitianlong Plastic Products Co. , Ltd.

Beijing Xitianlong Plastic Products Co. , Ltd. , formerly known as Zhejiang Huaxing Plastic Industry. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has four branches in Tianjin, Harbin, Shenyang and Chengdu, and currently has 13 offices nationwide and one office in Singapore with nearly 1,000 employees.

Since its establishment in 1990, the company’s production and sales network throughout the country, products exported overseas. At present, it has become a large domestic plastic household goods production enterprises.

SCOPE OF BUSINESS: Processing of aluminum and plastic plate, plastic products (limited to outside production activities) ; sales of building materials, plastic products, Ferrous materials, chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals) , metal Jiaodian, Knitwear, daily necessities; Goods Import and export, technology import and Export, Agent Import and export. (an enterprise shall, in accordance with the law, choose its own business items and carry out its business activities; for items subject to approval in accordance with the law, it shall carry out its business activities in accordance with the contents of the approval after approval by the relevant departments; and it shall not engage in the business activities of items prohibited or restricted by the industrial policy of this district.)